Can 2 Apple IDs share iCloud?

1 Answer. You can use separate apple IDs for iCloud and iTunes. Homesharing, iTunes Match, along with iTunes/App Stores can all be associated with a shared iTunes account Apple ID. iCloud iMessage and FaceTime can be signed into with your own unique Apple IDs.

Can two Apple IDs share iCloud?

With Family Sharing, you can share a single iCloud storage plan with up to five other family members. … When you share a storage plan, your photos and documents stay private and everyone keeps using their own accounts with iCloud—just like when you have your own storage plan.

How do I add another Apple ID to iCloud?

Step 3: Add a second Apple ID

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Scroll down and select one of the following: Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, or Reminders.
  3. Tap Accounts. …
  4. Tap Add Account.
  5. Select iCloud.
  6. Type in your Apple ID email, then tap Next.
  7. Type in your password, then tap Next.

Can two different Apple IDs be linked?

You can have two Apple Id’s assigned to two different services (i.e. one for iCloud and one for iTunes and App Store) you can also have previous purchases authorized to old Apple ID’s which may receive random popups to sign into an old Apple ID or a friend’s Apple ID.

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Should each family member have a separate Apple ID?

Everyone in your family needs to join Family Sharing using their own Apple ID. This way your family can share purchases, an Apple Music family plan, iCloud storage, photos, and more without sharing personal information like email, text messages, or passwords.

Is it better to have separate Apple IDs?

As Apple notes in one of its help documents: We recommend that you use the same Apple ID for all Apple services on your device—including the iTunes & App Stores and iCloud. Using multiple Apple IDs might be confusing and cause issues with accessing purchased content or using some services.

Can I have 2 Apple IDs for 2 phones?

Short answer is you can’t have both. By sharing an Apple ID, you are the same person using 2 different devices.

How do I transfer everything from one Apple ID to another?

Transfer Data from One Apple ID to Another on iPhone

For example, if you want to transfer contacts from one Apple ID to another: Go Settings > Tap your name > Tap iCloud > Toggle off Contacts > Choose Keep on My iPhone option.

Can I change my Apple ID without losing everything?

If you got a new email address and you used your old email address as your Apple ID and iCloud ID, you can change the ID and keep all content and data. When you change your Apple ID, you will not lose any data.

Why do I have two Apple IDs?

Sounds like you may not have made any purchases with that ID, so that is good. So, if you want to change the iCloud account go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and sign out. Then sign back in again with the new ID.

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