What is the BT dividend for 2019?

BT had already paid an interim dividend of 4.62p per share, worth £456millio, for the 2019-20 financial year that ended on March 31.

What dividend does BT pay?

BT declares a maintained interim dividend of 4.62p per share BT have declared an interim dividend of 4.62p per share, 30% of last year’s full-year dividend of 15.4p per share.

Will first group pay a dividend in 2019?

The dividend is forecast to hit 10p in 2019 and 15p in 2020, the latter implying 5.4% yield using the current share price. The copper miner last paid dividends in 2013. … The consensus forecast is 5c per share for 2018, rising to 14c in 2019, according to Reuters’ data.

Is BT dividend safe?

BT (BT) has had an Unsafe Dividend Safety Score since early 2018. The British telecom giant has since seen its stock price fall more than 30%, pushing its dividend yield above 8%. … Some income investors have held onto hope that BT would maintain its dividend during this period.

What is BT EasyShare?

EasyShare, BT’s Corporate Sponsored Nominee (CSN) service is an easy way for UK and EEA resident shareholders to hold their BT shares electronically. … If your shares are held in EasyShare, you will still have the same rights and benefits as other BT shareholders.

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Is BT still paying a dividend?

BT will pay no annual dividend for first time since its privatisation in 1984, in the latest blow to savers and pension funds. … The company axed its final dividend for 2019-20, will not pay one in 2020-21 and will only resume payments in 2021-22 but at a far lower level than in previous years.7 мая 2020 г.

What dividend is Standard Life paying?

Dividend SummarySummaryPrevious dividendNext dividendPer share7.3pSign Up RequiredDeclaration date10 Mar 2020 (Tue)–Ex-div date20 Aug 2020 (Thu)15 Apr 2021 (Thu)Pay date29 Sep 2020 (Tue)28 May 2021 (Fri)Ещё 2 строки

Will RBS pay a dividend in 2020?

In order to serve the needs of businesses and households through the unprecedented situation presented by Covid-19, the Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc (“RBS”) Board of Directors (“Board”) has decided to undertake no quarterly or interim dividend payments, accrual of dividends or share buybacks and defer decisions on …

Is DS Smith paying a dividend?

Smith (DS) declares an interim dividend of 5.4p per share Smith (DS) declares an interim dividend for this half year of 5.4 pence per share (H1 2018/19: 5.2 pence per share). … The dividend will be paid on 1 May 2020 to ordinary shareholders on the register at the close of business on 14 April 2020.

How do you find out when dividends are paid?

If a dividend is declared, all qualified shareholders of the company are notified via a press release; the information is usually reported through major stock quoting services for easy reference. The key dates that an investor should look for are: The date that the dividend is declared is called the declaration date.

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What is Centrica dividend?

The previous Centrica plc dividend was 1.5p and it went ex 1 year ago and it was paid 1 year ago. There is typically 1 dividend per year (excluding specials), and the dividend cover is approximately 0.9.

Dividend Summary.YearAmountChange201712.0p 0%201812.0p 0%20191.5p -87.5%20203.6p 140.0%Ещё 14 строк

How do I sell my BT shares?

If you have other shares, you can sell your certificates through online sharedealing platforms, stockbrokers or banks. You may be able to do this either by phone or by post. By phone, you will usually call and arrange the deal (you’ll need your certificates with you when you do).

Who are BT share registrars?

As BT’s Registrar, Equiniti manages your shareholding and can help you with many things, from changing an address to buying and selling shares.

Do BT shareholders get a discount on broadband?

The BT e-shareholder discount scheme offers you up to 20% discount against the retail recommended price on BT branded products and a variable discount on our third party non-BT products (exclusions apply*). Where we are unable to offer a 20% discount*, we will make sure that you benefit from the best available price.

What do bt do?

We are a leading communications services provider selling products and services to consumers, small and medium sized enterprises and the public sector. We also sell wholesale products and services to communications providers in the UK and around the world.