How add Whatsapp Share Button in HTML?

How can I add WhatsApp Share button to my website?

Copy Code

  1. <html>
  2. <head>
  3. <title> Add a WhatsApp sharing button on a website </title>
  4. </head>
  5. <body>
  6. <h3 style=”color:brown”> WhatsApp sharing Link </h3>
  7. <!– create a button to open the WhatsApp onclick function –>
  8. </body>

To create your own link with a pre-filled message that will automatically appear in the text field of a chat, use where whatsappphonenumber is a full phone number in international format and URL-encodedtext is the URL-encoded pre-filled message.

How add WhatsApp to HTML?

With this feature, you could hyperlink a sentence such as ‘WhatsApp us! ‘ to WhatsApp. You could also type out your phone number and hyperlink it. To make a click to chat link, you need to edit this link:[WhatsAppNumber].

How do you add a button on WhatsApp?

Step-by-step setup guide

  1. To create a button, click Convert > WhatsApp buttons.
  2. Then click Create.
  3. Select the WhatsApp template.
  4. Choose a name. …
  5. Now, on the edit tab you can: …
  6. On the Settings tab, you must enter a valid phone number and create a default message for your lead to start a conversation with your company.
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How do I enable share option on WhatsApp?

Share new status update: Under My status, tap Share ( or ). Please note the Share option disappears once you go to another tab. Share old status update: Tap My Status on iPhone or More by My status on Android. Next, tap More ( or ) next to the status update you want to share, then tap Share.

Create a new folder in Drive and share it as “Public on the web.” Upload your HTML, JS & CSS files to this folder. Open the HTML file & you will see “Preview” button in the toolbar. Share the URL that looks like… from the preview window and anyone can view your web page.

Share a link to a product page in WhatsApp

  1. Open the product page in your Facebook shop. Then, tap > More Options.
  2. Tap the WhatsApp icon.
  3. Select the person or group you’d like to share the product page with.
  4. Tap the send button or Next.
  5. Draft your message. …
  6. Tap or .

How do I use interactive buttons on WhatsApp?

Two Ways to Use the New WhatsApp Business Buttons

Using a static URL, you can give direct access via a single click to your website. You can also set up the button to visit a dynamic website, your customer is then directed to a personalized website. Finally, you can use it to call a predefined phone number.

How do you get the quick reply button on WhatsApp?

To set quick replies:

  1. Tap More options > Business tools > Quick replies.
  2. Tap Add(+).
  3. Set a text message or attach a media file for the quick reply.
  4. Set the keyboard shortcut for the quick reply.
  5. Set the keyword to quickly locate it. …
  6. Tap Save.
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