Is share capital transferable?

Transfer of shares refers to the intentional transfer of title (rights as well as duties) to shares by one person to another. The shares of the public company are freely transferable unless there is an express restriction provided in the articles of association. …

Can you transfer ownership of shares to another person?

Shares are like any other form of property, they can be transferred between individuals at any time. This can be done because of several reasons: The shareholder has died. They are trying to recoup investment.

Are shares of a company transferable?

Generally, securities of a company are freely transferable though there may be certain restrictions on the transfer of shares of the private company as provided in the articles. Such restriction on transfer of shares, if one adds any is to protect the interest of shareholders and other security holders.

Are shares freely transferable?

The general rule is that shareholders have the right to deal freely with their shares. … Transfer in terms of the MOI shall include the cession of shareholders right. (otherwise a shareholder could evade a restriction on transferability).

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What happens to share capital?

The amount of share capital reported by a company includes only payments for purchases made directly from the company. The later sales and purchases of those shares and the rise or fall of their prices on the open market have no effect on the company’s share capital.

How shares can be transferred?

Shares can be transferred from a shareholder to another person (either a new or existing shareholder). Shares are transferred by way of gift or sale. … So long as a company has enough shares, it’s possible to transfer shares in a limited company any time after incorporation.

What are the documents required for share transfer?


  • Notice by transferor to Company.
  • Board Resolution for considering the Notice by transferor to Company.
  • Letter of Offer made by company to existing shareholder.
  • Dissent letter from existing shareholders.
  • Share Transfer Deed in SH-4 form along with stamp duty paid.
  • Share certificates.

What are the reasons for transfer of shares?

Compulsory transfer of shares

  • death of the shareholder.
  • bankruptcy or insolvency of the shareholder or company.
  • change of control of the company.
  • cessation of employment (especially if the shareholder is a director or employee of the company)
  • mental or physical incapacity of the shareholder.
  • retirement.

Is valuation required for transfer of shares?

Any transfer of unquoted (unlisted) shares shall be subject to determination of Fair market value calculated in accordance with the method (formula) as prescribed in the above-mentioned rule which shall not be less than book value of shares which has to be certified by a Category-I Merchant banker or Chartered …

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Can a shareholder sell his shares to anyone?

A shareholder can sell or give away shares to anyone unless the company’s articles impose an effective restriction, or the shareholder has agreed not to transfer them or to deal with them in some other way in a binding contract.

Which company shares can be freely transferred?

Public company can transfer the shares freely.

What is a freely transferable share?

Definitions of freely transferable share

a share that can be offered for sale to the general public; a share that can be sold without any restrictions.

Can I sell my company shares to anyone?

Limited companies can issue more shares at any point after incorporation. Likewise, shareholders (members) can transfer or sell their company shares to other people at any time.