Should we buy Trident share?

Will Trident share go up?

Tomorrow’s movement Prediction of Trident Limited TRIDENT as on 27 Aug 2021 appears undecisive. It can be Bearish or Bullish. You should wait for the first half to take a decision on this stock.

Munafa value: 54 as on 27 Fri Aug 2021.

Upside target 21.25
Downside target 19.97
Downside target 19.78
Downside target 19.75

What is the target of Trident share?

Trident Ltd. share price forecast

Date Stock Target
2019-05-17 Trident Ltd. 83.00
2019-05-14 Trident Ltd. 81.00
2019-01-16 Trident Ltd. 94.00
2018-10-23 Trident Ltd. 86.00

Is Trident a multibagger?

Trident is placed nicely to become a Multibagger once again, Investors with patience for 12-24 Months, would be able to see the levels of 130-150.

Why is Trident share going up?

Trident shares rose 4% higher on Friday after the company said it had received a patent for ‘terry fabric weave and resulting terry fabric’ from the European Patent Office.

Is Trident a good buy in 2021?

As on 26th Aug 2021 TRIDENT Share Price closed @ 20.35 and we RECOMMEND Strong Buy for LONG-TERM with Stoploss of 13.50 & Buy for SHORT-TERM with Stoploss of 18.35 we also expect STOCK to react on Following IMPORTANT LEVELS.

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Which share is best to buy now?

10 stocks to buy now that could make you rich

  1. Larsen & Toubro. …
  2. Dr Reddy’s. …
  3. Dr Lal Pathlabs. …
  4. Vinati Organics. …
  5. Pidilite Ltd. …
  6. Coforge. …
  7. Kotak Mahindra Bank. …
  8. HDFC Ltd.

Which share is best to buy tomorrow?

37 Best intraday tips for tomorrow NSE

Company Intraday trade Stoploss
Bajaj Finserv Limited – BAJAJFINSV SELL 16518.93
Bajaj Finance Limited – BAJFINANCE SELL 7025.63
Coal India Limited – COALINDIA BUY 137.18
Divi’s Laboratories Limited – DIVISLAB BUY 4824.73

Is Trident a debt free company?

What Is Trident’s Debt? The image below, which you can click on for greater detail, shows that Trident had debt of ₹8.59b at the end of September 2020, a reduction from ₹19.6b over a year. However, because it has a cash reserve of ₹2.05b, its net debt is less, at about ₹6.54b.

Who bought Trident?

Motilal Oswal has a buy call on Trident with a target price of Rs 19. The current market price of Trident is Rs 14.23.

Is DCM stock a buy?

The DATA Communications Management Corp. stock holds a buy signal from the short-term moving average; at the same time, however, the long-term average holds a general sell signal.

What are multibagger stocks in India?

Multibagger stocks are those that provide returns that are greater than their cost. Prices of such Multibagger Stocks India continue to multiply, increasing in value two, three, and even 10 times.

Why textile stocks are going up?

“We are positive on the Indian textile market due to a rise in demand and support from the government through innovative schemes such as mega textile parks and the creation of a world-class infrastructure, which is expected to provide the necessary push to this sector and attract large investments,” said Bolinjkar.

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