Where do I find shared album invites?

How do I accept a shared album invite on my iPhone?

How to accept a shared album invite

  1. Go to your Photos app.
  2. Tap the For You tab. The invite should appear at the top of the list.
  3. Tap Accept.

Why am I not getting shared album invite?

Make sure both your iPhone and the other member’s iPhone have iCloud Photo Sharing AND iCloud Photo Library turned on. Make sure you have the same settings set up on your Mac/iPad if you use any.

How do I view a shared album?

Manage your conversations and albums

  1. On your mobile device, open the Google Photos app .
  2. At the bottom, tap Sharing .
  3. You can access your shared albums and sharing activity, like comments and recently added photos. New sharing activity will be in bold.

Why can’t I see a shared album in Google Photos?

Check your internet connection (mobile data). Close the Google Photos app and re-launch it. Sign out and sign back in to Google Photos with the same Google Account.

Why can’t I see my shared albums on iCloud website?

Shared albums are not hosted in the same space as your iCloud.com account is. Shared albums are not visible at all outside an iOS/macOS Photos app unless you create the public website.

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Does shared album take up iPhone storage?

Shared albums do not take up space on your iPhone. If you have iCloud Photos enabled, you have the option to optimize the storage on your iPhone to free up space on the device.

How long do shared albums last?

iCloud stores the photos that you upload to My Photo Stream for 30 days to give your devices plenty of time to connect to iCloud and download them. Find out how to save photos from My Photo Stream or a shared album to your device.

Do iPhone shared albums use iCloud storage?

Shared albums do NOT use any iCloud storage. you can add 5000 photos to each album, and you can make as many albums as you need. If there is a limit, it’s not 100. Currently have shared albums of 500+ photos and videos.