You asked: What does co investment mean?

What is the meaning of co-investment?

Broadly, a co-investment is an investment in a specific transaction made by limited partners (LPs) of a main private equity (PE) fund alongside, but not through, such main PE fund. This is often accomplished through a separately structured co-investment vehicle which is governed by a separate set of agreements.

How do co-investments work?

Equity co-investments are relatively smaller investments made in a company concurrent with larger investments by a private equity or VC fund. Co-investors are typically charged a reduced fee, or no fee, for the investment and receive ownership privileges equal to the percentage of their investment.

What is a Coinvestment vehicle?

For definitional purposes, a co- investment structure may be thought of as a vehicle that participates in an investment on a co-mingled basis or on behalf of a single investor alongside, or in lieu of, an investment manager’s main fund, which may be limited in the extent to which it can deploy capital in the pertinent …

What is a direct co-investment?

It is a way to execute a direct investment. Co-investing — a subset of direct investing, when an investor invests alongside a lead Sponsor to purchase ownership directly in an operating company. On every deal, a leading party sources, structures, and executes the transaction.

Is a co-investment vehicle an AIF?

In recent years, more and more “coinvestment vehicles“, of all shapes and sizes, have been used in the Luxembourg alternative investment fund (“AIF“) domain. … By offering coinvestment opportunities, fund managers can develop a privileged relationship with some (cornerstone) investors.

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Why do you want to work in PE?

You prefer PE because it’s a blend of both operations and finance and because you can help Founders with well-established businesses make them even better via solid analysis and research rather than just guesswork.

What are Coinvestment rights?

In broad terms, coinvestment involves raising and deploying investor equity. commitments for a specific transaction alongside a blind-pool private equity fund. (the main fund).

How do you calculate RVPI?

The RVPI multiple is calculated by taking the net asset value, or residual value, of the fund’s holdings and dividing it by the cash flows paid into the fund. Cash flows are representative of the capital invested, fees paid, and other expenses incurred by the limited partners to the fund.