Best answer: What market share does Coca Cola have?

What percent of the market does Coca-Cola have?

In 2020, Coca-Cola’s carbonated soft drink market share amounted to nearly 45 percent.

What is the market share of Coke vs Pepsi?

Market Share and Market Cap

As far as Wall Street is concerned, Pepsi-Co’s shares have gained 19.45% for the last twelve months and 49.20% for the last five years, compared to 15.75% and 22.13% for Coca-Cola. Pepsi-Co had a market cap of $188.6 billion as of May 2020 while Coca-Cola had a market cap of $185.8 billion.

What market share does Pepsi have?

In 2020, PepsiCo’s U.S. market share in carbonated soft drinks was 25.9 percent.

How much of the global market does Coca-Cola have?

The carbonated soft drink market was dominated by the Coca-Cola Company, which held a market share of 48.6%. The global market was estimated at 341.6 billion USD.

Market share of leading carbonated beverage companies worldwide 2015.

Coca-Cola Co. 48.6
Other 30.9

What sells better Coke or Pepsi?

Each company markets a large number of brands, with Coca Cola Company having the larger market share. This is reflected in drink sales with Coca-cola Classic continuing to outsell Pepsi. … Pepsi is found in most places around the world and is the preferred cola of choice for many people.

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Which is better Coke or Pepsi survey?

And research shows that 51% choose Coke, while 23% would rather drink Pepsi. … Pepsi won a bunch of blind taste tests. They famously shared the results in the Pepsi Challenge campaign. And, for a short time, beat Coke in sales.