How do I enable content sharing?

How do I enable content sharing in D&D beyond?

The toggle is in the top left of the campaign page. Hi there, the owner of the Master Tier subscription is the one who activates this. They need to head over to the campaign and click the ENABLE CONTENT SHARING button (see example below).

Can I share D & D beyond content?

You can run or join as many campaigns as you want, but can only enable content sharing on up to 5 of those campaigns with your subscription. If a different member of a campaign has a sub and enables content sharing, your purchases will be shared as they should be.

How do I share DND books?

how do i share my books with my players.

  1. Go to Collections >> My Campaigns.
  2. Click ‘Create a Campaign’
  3. Once you’ve made a campaign, click ‘Enable Content Sharing’
  4. Give your players the invite link for the campaign.
  5. Have them follow that link and make a character.

Can multiple people share content on Dndbeyond?

All 6 campaigns will be able to use all your content. The master sub limits how many campaigns can have sharing enabled by you, but the only limit to how much you can share is how many content sharing campaigns you are in.

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How do you unlock content in D&D beyond?

If you want access to the expanded content on D&D Beyond, you will need to unlock the content through one time purchases on the Marketplace.

How does DND beyond content sharing work?

Each campaign can have up to 12 participants (13 counting the DM). Turning content sharing on for a campaign means that any content unlocked by any participant (player or DM) within that campaign is available for all players and the DM for use.

Can you share resources on Dndbeyond?

The other campaign members can use the books you’ve purchased IF someone has the master tier subscription and enables sharing on this campaign.

Is DND beyond like Roll20?

D&D Beyond and Roll20 are both powerful, comprehensive tools, but they are not the same. If your group is looking for an accessible online encyclopedia and repository for their characters then D&D Beyond is the right service for you.

Is D&D beyond owned by Wizards?

While D&D Beyond is a separate entity from Wizards of the Coast, without Dungeons & Dragons (owned by WotC), D&D Beyond wouldn’t exist.