How do I make a playlist to share?

How do I create a shared playlist?

Collaborative playlists

  1. Tap Your Library .
  2. Select a playlist you created.
  3. Tap .
  4. Tap Make collaborative.
  5. Share the playlist with your friends.

Do I need to make a playlist public to share it?

These playlists can be private and only visible to you, or you can make them public to share with other Spotify users. … Strangers who find your playlist won’t be able to add or subtract songs, change it back to private, or make other changes — only the playlist’s creator has that capability.

How can two people share a playlist?

After you’ve added the songs you want to this playlist, it’s time to share it.

  1. Go to the playlist that you want to share, click three-dot icon at the upper right part, a list will appear.
  2. Tap Share Playlist. Then, you’re free to choose whatever platform or person you want to share your playlist with. (

How do I share a playlist from my Iphone?

To share a playlist, tap the three dots at the top of the page to open a pop-up menu. From there, you can choose the “Share Playlist…” option. This will bring you to a new page where you can opt to share it via any number of apps, including your messages, email, and social media.

Can you send a playlist to someone?

If you’re using Apple Music on Android, open the playlist in the app, tap the three dots on the right and choose Share Playlist. You can copy the link to it—ready to paste wherever you want—or pick one of the apps listed to share there directly.

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How do I add people to my playlist?

Scroll through your existing playlists or tap “Create playlist” (you will be asked to name it so be prepared with a good one). Tap the three horizontal dots (for iOS) or the three vertical dots (for Android) near the top of the playlist and then select “Make Collaborative” (with the musical note icon).