Is MultiPlan a good investment?

Is MultiPlan a good stock to buy?

MultiPlan has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company’s average rating score is 2.67, and is based on 2 buy ratings, 1 hold rating, and no sell ratings.

Is MultiPlan a profitable company?

MultiPlan’s business model skims a piece of (almost) every charge. … It’s business model is highly profitable, as it gets a cut of every dollar it saves health insurance companies from millions of healthcare charges. MultiPlan’s clients include huge insurance companies such as United Health & Cigna, just to name two.

Is MultiPlan legit?

MultiPlan, it turns out, is a corporation that handles a lot of insurers’ work for them. It handles negotiation with providers nationwide and consequently has the largest preferred provider network in the country.

How does MultiPlan make money?

MultiPlan is a technology-based company that uses algorithms and big data to provide healthcare cost management and data analytics for payers, providers, and customers. … MultiPlan will use the money from the IPO to pay back some of its existing debt and make investments for future growth.

Who are MultiPlan competitors?

MultiPlan’s competitors

MultiPlan’s top competitors include Rumah Sakit, Vivere Health, PatientPing and Paul Hartmann. MultiPlan provides technology-enabled healthcare cost management solutions for commercial, government, workers’ compensation, auto, and property and casualty markets.

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How do I cancel my MultiPlan insurance?

Termination. How can I terminate my participation in the PHCS Network and/or the MultiPlan Network? Submit your request on letterhead with the contract holder’s signature via fax at 781-487-8273, via email at or via mail to MultiPlan, Attn: Registrar, 16 Crosby Drive, Bedford, MA 01730.

Is MultiPlan part of UnitedHealthcare?

Five healthcare organizations including insurers UnitedHealthcare and Humana, Optum, Quest Diagnostics and MultiPlan are launching a blockchain pilot to help payers tackle mandated provider directories. UnitedHealthcare and Optum are both part of UnitedHealth Group.

Can SPACs make you rich?

A successful SPAC acquisition can lead to a windfall for the SPAC sponsors because as part of the IPO they get to purchase up to 20% of the outstanding shares for a nominal amount of money. SPAC investing has been less profitable for individual investors.

How long has MultiPlan been in business?

Transforming Insight Into Action. Since 1980, MultiPlan has pioneered innovative solutions for healthcare payors, drawing on unique insights and data analysis to customize an action plan to help each of our customers thrive.