Is Vodafone dividend sustainable?

Is Vodafone paying a dividend in 2021?

The next Vodafone Group plc dividend is expected to go ex in 3 months and to be paid in 5 months.

Dividend Summary.

Summary Previous dividend Next dividend
Ex-div date 24 Jun 2021 (Thu) 18 Nov 2021 (Thu)
Pay date 06 Aug 2021 (Fri) 28 Jan 2022 (Fri)

How do you know if a dividend is sustainable?

To determine if the dividend is sustainable, look at the payout ratio. The payout ratio is the percentage of earnings that is paid out in dividends. For example, if a company has $100 million in earnings and pays out $50 million in dividends, the payout ratio is 50%. It pays out 50% of its earnings in dividends.

Is Vodafone in financial trouble?

“Vodafone saw its revenue and earnings hit by lower roaming charges as individuals were unable to travel thanks to the pandemic. … In the UK, which accounts for 13% of Vodafone’s business, revenues fell 5% to €6.1bn.

What is dividend sustainability?

Dividend Sustainability

If a company’s payout ratio is over 100%, it is returning more money to shareholders than it is earning and will probably be forced to lower the dividend or stop paying it altogether. … Long-term trends in the payout ratio also matter.

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When did Vodafone last pay a dividend?

Payment date: 03/02/2017The percentage growth in dividend over the last two accounting periods (the company’s last two financial years).

What is the dividend on Vodafone?

Vodafone Group pays an annual dividend of $1.04 per share, with a dividend yield of 6.19%.

What are some good dividend stocks?

25 high-dividend stocks

Symbol Company Name Dividend Yield
GILD Gilead Sciences Inc. 4.14%
PFG Principal Financial Group Inc. 4.00%
NWE NorthWestern Corp. 3.95%
DUK Duke Energy Corp. 3.76%

Why is Vodafone idea in loss?

Vodafone Idea (Vi) narrowed its net loss by 71 per cent to Rs 7,319 crore in first quarter FY 2022 on a year on year basis on account of lower exceptional expenses. In the same period last year it had posted a net loss of Rs 25,460 crore due to provisioning for adjusted gross revenue dues liability.

What happens if I dont pay Vodafone bill?

We’ll also reflect how late you paid (for example):

If you pay two months late a 2 will be on your credit file. Three months late will show a 3, and so on. A default may be added if your bill remains outstanding.

Who is Vodafone debt collection agency?

Vodafone have been known to use a few different ones, often depending on where you live and the severity of the amount you owe. By looking at forums, we can see that some of the companies they use for debt collection include: Lowell Portfolio Ltd. CCS Collect.