What is formed when two or more different elements combine by sharing electrons?

What is formed when two or more different elements combine?

Elements can be chemically combined into compounds, therefore, a compound consists of two or more elements combined, in definite proportions, by chemical means. Compounds may be formed by combining atoms of their constituent elements by ionic bonds or by covalent bonds.

What is when atoms of elements combine by sharing electrons?

chemical bond. This is when atoms of elements combine by sharing electrons or by the complete transfer of electrons from one atom to another.

What is defined as two or more atoms that are bonded together by sharing electrons?

A covalent bond consists of the mutual sharing of one or more pairs of electrons between two atoms. These electrons are simultaneously attracted by the two atomic nuclei. A covalent bond forms when the difference between the electronegativities of two atoms is too small for an electron transfer to occur to form ions.

When two or more atoms bond by sharing electrons they form a molecule True or false?

Covalent compounds form when nonmetal atoms bond together by sharing their electrons. What is Polyatomic ion (complex ion)? Polyatomic ion (complex ion) is an ion that is made up of two or more atoms that are held together with covalent bonds.

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Why do elements combine?

Almost all the elements combine to form compounds, although the reactivity may vary from element to element. These combinations take place because almost all the elements are unstable. … By gaining or losing electrons, ionic compounds are produced. Sharing of electrons results in the formation of covalent compounds.

What kind of bond is formed when one atom gains an electron and another atom loses an electron?

This electron exchange results in an electrostatic attraction between the two atoms called an ionic bond. An atom that loses one or more valence electrons to become a positively charged ion is known as a cation, while an atom that gains electrons and becomes negatively charged is known as an anion.

What are two of the same atoms bonded together called?

Compound: two or more different atoms chemically bonded together. Molecule: two or more different or same atoms chemically bonded together. Element: one single atom. A mixture contains two or more substances (elements, lattices, molecules, compounds), that are not chemically bonded together.

What is it called when atoms combine?

When atoms combine through chemical bonding, they form compounds—unique structures composed of two or more atoms. The basic composition of a compound can be indicated using a chemical formula.