Which protocol is used for file sharing?

Does file transfer use TCP or UDP?

UDP, which stands for User Datagram Protocol, is a method used to transfer large files across the Internet. TCP, or Transmission Control Protocol, is the more widely known and used protocol for file transmission, however, falls short in comparison when it comes to transferring large files at fast speeds.

Which network is used for file sharing?

With the advent of the Internet, a file transfer system called the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) has become widely-used. FTP can be used to access (read and possibly write to) files shared among a particular set of users with a password to gain access to files shared from an FTP server site.

Is HTTP a file sharing protocol?

An HTTP file transfer is the process of transferring a file between multiple nodes/devices using the HTTP protocol, or more generally, the Internet. It is one of the most commonly used methods for sending, receiving or exchanging data and files over the Internet or a TCP/IP-based network.


FTP is a TCP based service exclusively. There is no UDP component to FTP. FTP is an unusual service in that it utilizes two ports, a ‘data’ port and a ‘command’ port (also known as the control port). Traditionally these are port 21 for the command port and port 20 for the data port.

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Which is not File Transfer Protocol?


Protocol Encryption (data) Multicast capable
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) None No
FTP Secure (FTPS) TLS / SSL No
Host Unix Linkage File Transfer (HULFT) AES No

What is the safest way to share files?

Keeping your files safe gets a lot more difficult if you need to share them with someone else. The most secure way to send those files (besides handing them over in person) is to encrypt them, share the encrypted version, and have the recipient decrypt them on their own machine.

How many types of file sharing are there?

Types of file sharing. There are four main kinds of file sharing methods that you can go with. Which one you choose is going to depend on the type of files you’re sharing and how much security or protection the data that is being shared requires.

Why is FTP stateful?

Unlike HTTP, the FTP protocol is stateful: the client establishes a Control Connection for the duration of an FTP session that typically spans multiple data transfers. … The client would bind to an arbitrary port, and then transmit its IP address and the port number to the server using the PORT command.

What is HTTP vs FTP?

HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and File Transfer Protocol(FTP) are the protocols used for file transfer between client and server.

Difference between FTP and HTTP.

9. HTTP is used to provide the web pages to the web browser from the webserver FTP is used to upload or download files between client and server.
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Why FTP uses 2 ports?

FTP is an old protocol. That’s really the only reason. The designers thought that the amount of data flowing over the data port would make it so that they couldn’t send control commands in a timely manner, so they did it as two ports.