Your question: How do you find the divisor and dividend?

How do you find the dividend in math?

The dividend is the value or the amount which we need to divide. It is the whole which is to be divided into different equal parts. For example, if 10 is divided by 2, then the answer will be two equal parts of number 5 and 10 is the dividend here.

Practice Problems

  1. x / 3 = 10.
  2. x / 7 = 7.
  3. x / 5 = 125.

How do you find the divisor if a dividend and remainder is given?

Dividend=(divisor * Quotient)+ Remainder. Rearranging, if we want to find the divisor, divisor = (Dividend – Reminder) / Quotient.

What is the formula of divisor?

1÷ 2 = Here divisor 2 is dividing the number 1 into a fraction. In the above example – 5 is the divisor, 46 is the dividend, 9 is the quotient and 1 is the remainder.

What is the difference between divisor and dividend?

Dividend vs. … The number that is being divided (in this case, 15) is called the dividend, and the number that it is being divided by (in this case, 3) is called the divisor. The result of the division is the quotient.

When a number is divided by itself the quotient is?

What is the quotient when you divide a number by itself? Dividing any number (except 0) by itself produces a quotient of 1. Also, any number divided by 1 produces a quotient of the number.

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What will be the dividend if quotient is 4 divisor is 5 and remainder is 2?

Answer: The dividend of your question is 22.

What does divisor mean in math terms?

English Language Learners Definition of divisor

mathematics : the number by which another number is being divided.

What is a divisor of 3?

What are the numbers with exactly 3 divisors? Numbers having exactly 3 divisors are perfect squares of prime numbers: 4, 9, 25, 49, … Example: 2^2 = 4, and 4 has three divisors {1,2,4} 3^2 = 9, and 9 has three divisors {1,3,9} 5^2 = 25, and 25 has three divisors {1,5,25}