Your question: Is it power vested in me or power invested in me?

Absolutely not. The phrase is the power vested in me and only the power vested in me. apricots said: But nobody says the power invested in me and sounds correct.

Is it by the power vested in me?

If you have a vested interest in something, you have a personal stake in its success. … When a minister says “by the power vested in me by the State of Ohio, I now pronounce you husband and wife,” he’s referring to the legal authority he’s been given to marry people. Vested can also be a financial term.

Is it vested or invested?

Vested vs Invested

Invested means having put in time, effort, or money into something for a favorable result. Vested means protected by law such as power vested in someone. Vested interest means special reason that makes a person biased towards something.

How do you use the word vested?

Vested sentence example

  1. The judicial power is vested in a high court and many subordinate courts. …
  2. He is vested in surplice, stole and cope.

What does invested with power mean?

(invest something/someone with something) to give a person or organization power, influence, or authority. The Secret Service is invested with the authority to guard the president and his family. Synonyms and related words.

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What does by the power vested in me mean?

If power or authority is vested in someone or something, or if someone or something is vested with power or authority, it is officially given to him, her, or it: “By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

What does fully vested mean?

“Vesting” in a retirement plan means ownership. … An employee who is 100% vested in his or her account balance owns 100% of it and the employer cannot forfeit, or take it back, for any reason.

What is emotionally invested?

What is an emotional investment? Emotional investment is when we focus our emotions—in the form of our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors—into anything that we hope over time will help us grow and sustain our emotional well-being.

What does it mean to be vested in a relationship?

Vested relationships depend on collaboration, transparency, flexibility and trust. Rather than traditional business relationships in which companies buy transactions or services from suppliers, vested relationships instead focus on buying results.

Is it vested interest or invested interest?

If you have a personal stake in something which causes you to be biased toward it, you have a vested interest in it. People discussing financial investment sometimes pun on this phrase by writing “invested interest,” but most of the time when you see the latter spelling, it’s just a mistake.

What does legally vested mean?

Legal Definition of vested right

: a right belonging completely and unconditionally to a person as a property interest which cannot be impaired or taken away (as through retroactive legislation) without the consent of the owner.

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What does invest in someone mean?

invest something in someone or something

1. to put money, time, effort, etc., into someone or something, hoping for a return. We will invest time and effort in Fred and make him into a recording star. Sharon invested a lot of money in the stock market.

What does unvested mean?

(ʌnˈvɛstɪd) adj. not vested or fixed; having associated contingencies.

What does vesting mean in stock?

Vesting is the process of earning an asset, like stock options or employer-matched contributions to your 401(k) over time. Companies often use vesting to encourage you to stay longer at the company and/or perform well so you can earn the award.